Home Try On

Q: What is the Home Try-On program?

A: Choose any five engagement rings to try out at home with our simple and free Home Try-On program. You’ve got five days to enjoy the replica rings, show them to your friends and family and decide which style suits you or your partner best, then return all five replica rings (with free shipping both ways, yes we do provide a pre-paid return UPS label with your shipment) and order the ring you like the most. Start shopping here. If you have any difficulties deciding which style to go with and would like our input, you can also give us a call at 877-302-5392, Mon–Fri, 9am–6pm Mountain Time.

Please note that we are only able to ship Home Try-On orders within the USA.

Q: I thought the Home Try-On Program was free—why do you need my credit card details?

A: The Home Try-On program is absolutely free! During the checkout process, you will be asked to provide a valid credit card before completing your order. We require your credit card information for security purposes, but rest assured that the Home Try-On program is totally free. You may see a pending charge on your credit card account of $500.00, after placing your order, but this is simply a pre-authorization or ‘funds held’, the same as you may see on your card for instance when checking into a hotel. This amount is NOT charged to your account, and will disappear from your account once the 5 sample rings are returned to us. This money will be released as soon as we receive the returned rings. The only exception: if you do not return your Home Try-On rings, we will need to charge the card on file the full price for each ring that we do not receive back ($95-225 per ring).

Q: Once I have decided on a style, how do I order my ring?

A: Each replica ring will be tagged with a SKU number, diamond details (shape and weights) and the retail price. Once you have decided which style you would like to order, just return to www.thediamondguys.net and search the style you would like to order. Click ADD TO CART and then proceed through the usual checkout procedure.

Q:What size are the replica rings?


A: All replica rings in the Home Try-On program are delivered in a stock size 6. To be certain that you are able to confirm the correct size when ordering your live ring, we will provide a complimentary finger gauge with each replica order that is shipped out. Simply use the gauge to establish the correct size.

Q: What metals are available for my live ring order?

A: We manufacture all our rings in either 18KT white or yellow gold, as well as Platinum. Platinum is heavier and more expensive than 18KT gold. Please specify your special order request in the notes of your order. All notes are responded to by one of our agents before placing your order in production, so we can be certain that all details are completely accurate.

Q:Can I order a diamond with my ring?

A:Yes you can. Please shop our online diamond search, select the diamond that you feel best suits your ring, and add it to your cart. The best news of all is that we custom build each and every ring in the Home Try-On program, to accommodate your diamond. The end result is a perfectly manufactured diamond engagement ring.