Why we re-branded?

When we started our retail business in 2005, we worked out of a small boutique showroom on Bell Road in Scottsdale. As the years went by, and our business grew, we found that we began building a strong following of clients who purchased engagement rings, certified diamonds and fine diamond jewelry. Our clients were so pleased with their experience at Alexa Rose Diamond, that they began referring to us as "The Diamond Guys”. Our friendly service, fantastic deals and our extensive diamond selection, left them feeling truly satisfied.

And so as the term "The Diamond Guys” gained more traction, we began thinking it might be a good idea to take that name on in a more permanent way. And so Alexa Rose Diamond became The Diamond Guys. At the same time, we should mention that nothing else has changed, and when you visit our store in Scottsdale or online, you will find the same friendly people, beautiful selection of engagement rings, diamonds and fine diamond jewelry. You will experience the same outstanding service, and you will always get a great deal! The only change you will notice is our new name!

Looking forward to see you soon at The Diamond Guys.

Elan Efune, CEO