Can Engagement Rings Be Resized?

Did you purchase an engagement ring for your partner, but it is not a perfect fit? Don’t worry; engagement rings can be resized to your perfect fit. A well fitting engagement ring should be easy to slip on, but it should be pulled a little harder to remove.

The engagement ring can be resized if it is made from silver, gold, or platinum. However, rings can only be resized slightly smaller or bigger, up to two sizes.

How Long Does it Take to Resize an Engagement Ring

After you notice your engagement ring does not fit well, you should talk to a jeweler immediately. Resizing the ring should take no more than a few days. Your jeweler will measure for size at the time you take your ring in for resizing

Always use a reputable jeweler for your resizing work. 

Cost of Resizing a Ring

The cost of resizing a ring will depend on the material of the ring. If sizing up, more gold or platinum is needed and will cost more

The jeweler can charge you between $50 and $300 to resize your ring. Ensure that you confirm the price before the jeweler starts resizing your ring.

How Should the Engagement Ring Fit?

When getting an engagement ring, ensure that you have the correct measurements. If your engagement ring is too tight, you should get a jeweler to resize it. The ring should be easy to slip on for a perfect fit, but you should pull a little harder to get it off. A loose ring can be at risk of loss. 

When Can I Resize My Engagement Ring?

If you have lost or added weight and the ring doesn’t fit well or is too tight, you should take it to a trusted jeweler to resize. If your partner got you the ring in your absence, and it does not fit, you can talk to your partner and have your ring resized.

Rings made of tungsten and titanium cannot be resized as the materials are very hard. If your ring cannot be resized, your jeweler may work with you to arrange a size exchange. 

Final Thoughts

When you think of resizing your ring, look for a trusted jeweler with experience in resizing rings. 

If you need your ring to be resized, do not hesitate to visit our website for more details. Our expert jewelers are ready to assist to make your ring a perfect fit