We Buy Gold

When you are interested in selling your gold or other precious metals, The Diamond Guys expert appraisers are ready to help. With gold prices still trading at high levels, this might be the right time for you to “cash in” on the value of your unused jewelry.It’s a great way to turn your unwanted old jewelry into cash or a credit valued at 1.25 x the value of the cash amount, which can be used towards a welcome piece of new jewelry, diamond stud earrings or a remount for an existing diamond. The possibilities are endless, and what better way to recycle redundant items of jewelry.

How it Works

When you are ready to sell your old unwanted items containing precious metals, please visit our showroom. Our jewelry specialists will review your jewelry pieces and establish whether they contain gold or platinum. All items are tested in front of you so that you are made aware of what we are dealing with. All information is shared openly.

Legal Requirements
Being a licensed dealer in used and precious metals, we are required to have you complete certain paperwork that we keep on record. This is a legal requirement in the city of Scottsdale and the state of Arizona. A photo ID will be requited as proof of identity during the transaction. It is against the law to attempt to sell stolen goods or precious metals that have been acquired through criminal activity. We do report suspicious activities to the local law enforcement authorities.

What items are we able to purchase?

We will consider to purchase any of the following items:

  • Used jewelry containing precious metals (gold or platinum)
  • Items inherited from an estate
  • Diamonds and Gemstones
  • Gold and silver coins including Krugerrands, Canadian Maple, American Eagle, Brittania and others
  • Dental Golds
  • Gold watches
  • Gold wire
  • Gold scrap and filings


All items are tested using sophisticated screening equipment, which look almost like a hand held bar code scanner. This allows us to quickly and easily determine the type of metal we are working with, and its purity. The purer the metal the more value it has. We work with the London fix of the day to determine market value on the spot, and we will provide you with a cash offer for your items. If you accept you may pick up a check on the spot. If you decline, there is no fee for the services provided, and you would simply walk away with your items. It’s really that simple!

Reasons for considering recycling

Besides the obvious monetary benefits of realizing some additional cash on the spot for non-used or unwanted items, the business of recycling metals is environmentally friendly. The more metals we can recycle, the less new metals are required to extract from the earth. This is a helpful and environmentally conscious effort on your part.

Call 480-656-0652 or email info@thediamondguys.net for further details.